Shopping for a Used Car? No Credit Check, No Down Payment

Shopping for a Used Car? No Credit Check, No Down Payment

Shopping for a Used Car? No Credit Check, No Down Payment

Shopping for a Used Car? No Credit Check, No Down Payment

Maybe you want to buy a car and you have no credit or poor credit. You are surprised to see some of the many car dealerships that will only accept a poor credit rating. Some will not even consider you or if they do they may offer low down payment on the car and no down payment. If you decide to take this route, you are faced with many things to consider.

Your credit check might be done, maybe you have insurance and are still qualified. What about things like that. Then what?

Many a friend of mine who has a poor credit now has bought a cheap car from the used car lot. They got a good rate and a great deal on the car. Only because the car was low down payment and no down payment they can afford to buy the car for a price they can afford. Well, I would like to tell you that this can happen with the right man.

There are many car dealerships out there that will accept no credit check but have very low offer in the car. You are then going to have to call around to find out if they have been written off by any insurance companies, and do not have their credit checked or even have any financial history.

You are going to have to contact them and request to go to a private sale or perhaps a buy here pay here types of car lot. You can probably do that at the yellow pages or search engine if you have some luck. The private sales, car lots that do accept no credit check but give you a great deal.

When you are in these car lots you will find a lot of these car dealerships will consider you to be very well qualified. You will also be given the courtesy of meeting a customer representative to discuss your purchase.

With your new, safe car you will meet the customer representative and the representative will explain everything about your car and any mistakes you may have made in the past. He will explain what happens when you make a late payment or pay for the car incorrectly.

Your customer representative will also explain any violations and errors that might have been made in your credit history. This is very important and can be very discouraging if you were at your best. It is something you need to know before you start the purchasing process.

When you are done with the customer representative you will get the quote for the car. If you were accepted to a private sales lot, you will be able to go back to the car lot and check out the car with them before the sale.

The private car sales lot is your purchase to make a claim on should your car not be covered by your new owner. You can also file a claim with your insurance company if you purchase from them.

If you are considering no credit check then make sure you go through the process correctly and ask questions as you go along. You can talk to any customer representative and speak to the sales person or dealer for free. Remember you may be dealing with a salesperson as well so be knowledgeable as well.